Maggie Sottero Wedding Inspiration

I love it when film photographers submit soft, organic images to the blog and even more so when there are gorgeous Maggie Sottero bridal dresses to swoon over... This shoot from Mariel Hannah showcases a gorgeous Maggie Sottero dress photographed on a gorgeous location with a beautiful model. The simplicity and light really makes the dresses and florals become centre of attention. From Mariel ~ "Inspired by the fresh thought of summer and its simplicity yet magical elements to it.. I wanted light to be one of the main aspect of this shoot, summer, after all is about the shining sun and vibrant colors.. Having that gorgeous pink bouquet was the perfect touch of color amidst the light filled images and green grounds. Envisioning the images to contain a touch of dreaminess and whimsical emotion. This is a simple summer shoot that I recently captured..."

Words by Wedding Sparrow | Featured in 2013

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